New Moving To Tasmania Guidebook – out now!

We’ve published a guidebook – with everything you need to know about moving to Tasmania

Last year, I wrote a blog post marking our first year in Tasmania – reflecting on the challenges of relocating at the height of the pandemic, heavily pregnant and without a rental lined up. We’ve now been here for more than two years and are still learning the ins and outs of what it means to build a life in a new state, and in this state in particular.

We’ve learnt so much since then not just from our own move to Tasmania, but from helping my mum and stepdad take the same leap – with their own unique considerations and challenges – and from speaking to other Tasmanians, old, new and aspiring.

Those lessons and experiences inspired us to write this guidebook, which compiles our top tips and advice on moving to Tassie.

The book covers:

  • Lifestyle and community
  • Weather and climate
  • Schools and education
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Property and housing
  • Logistics of relocating to Tasmania
  • Your car in Tasmania
  • Gardening and growing your own food
  • Getting a job

It’s not meant to be an advertisement for moving to Tasmania, nor a general guide for moving, nor is it aimed at property flippers or investors. This is a guide with advice and insights unique to moving to and living in Tasmania. The goal is to get aspiring Tasmanians asking the right questions and to hopefully save them time, stress and money.

We’re exceedingly grateful to our friends and family who shared their stories to help bring this together, who read and commented on drafts, and to Ashwood Publishing for editing and formatting, and Kat Power for the cover design.

So if you’ve ever thought about moving to Tasmania, or if you know someone who is thinking of taking the leap – please share this with them!

All the retail links are available on the main book page here or you can head straight to Amazon and pre-order a Kindle copy.


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