A contemporary Australian mystery novel by Gemma Chilton

A gentle, engaging, and heartfelt tale of family secrets and emotional closure.Kirkus Review

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Customer Reviews

“Confluence had me flipping pages fast, that’s for sure. This was a riveting, beautiful story. It unfolded at a perfect pace, and the characters were believable and compelling.

– Illana (Goodreads)

This complex and tragic novel is a compelling read. As you come to know the characters you can’t help but be drawn into their lives and join them as they search for answers. 

– Amy Russell (Goodreads)

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There’s his boat. Upside down on the sand. Like something ancient, something returned to nature long ago.”

Liam is living an unhappy life in the city, having an affair with the married woman upstairs, haunted by the ghosts of his childhood.

When he discovers his mother is sick, Liam decides to return to his hometown where, 20 years earlier, his father went fishing and never came home.

But Liam’s not the first person in his family to have made that journey to the coast in search of the truth.

Moving between generations, Confluence is a contemporary mystery novel about time, memory, love and loss, through the lens of one family’s tragedy.

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