Adventure / travel

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‘Flight of fancy’, Australian Geographic
Bauer Media, January 2017


‘Spellbound / Destination: Shoalhaven, NSW’,
Australian Geographic Outdoor
Bauer Media, May 2016

Shoalhaven opener Gemma Chilton

‘The north country’, Australian Geographic Outdoor
Bauer Media, May 2016

Icealand cover DPS Gemma Chilton

‘In the bag: sleeping bags’, Australian Geographic Outdoor
ACP Magazines, May 2014

Sleeping bags outdoor gemma chilton opener spread

‘Enough rope: top 6 knots’, Australian Geographic Outdoor
ACP Magazines, March 2014

knots opener spread gemma chilton

‘On the inside’, Australian Geographic Outdoor
ACP Magazines, December 2012

AG Outdoor travel feature Gemma Black LR

‘Lat/Long: Scotland Island’, Australian Geographic
ACP Magazines, December 2012

scotland island opener

‘Unearthed’, 4X4 Australia magazine
ACP Magazines, October 2011

4X4 Australia Gemma Black 1


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